Intersection with "lacquer" in parallel space


2021年9月26日,Ugan concept感物台州形象店正式开幕。感物携手融设计图书馆,与到场的台州设计师一起,共同见证了感物在台州地区首家形象店的亮相。『2021中国传统手工艺材料之木材料——大漆研究分享会』也在开幕仪式上同期举行。 


On September 26, 2021, Ugan concept Taizhou Image store officially opened.  Ugan concept and Rong Design Library, together with the Taizhou designers present, witnessed the debut of Ugan concept's first image store in Taizhou. "2021 the sharing session on Chinese lacquer research of traditional wood materials" was also held at the same time as the opening ceremony.




At the opening ceremony, Zhang Lei, founder of Pinwu Studio &  Rong Design Library, exclusively shared the research content of "2021 Chinese Traditional Handicraft Materials: Wood Material Lacquer Research Results" for the guests for the first time, and communicated and interacted face-to-face with the guests and discussed how the deconstruction and regeneration of traditional handicrafts explore the new design language of wood materials in the contemporary era.



自2018年起,Ugan concept感物以研究木材料专家的身份,发起了为期五年的『中国传统手工艺材料之木材料研究计划』,独家支持融设计图书馆,共同探索中国传统手工艺木材料在人类未来生活中的可能。继第一第二阶段的“木材料切割”与“木材料自然染色”研究之后,2021年,融设计图书馆和感物一起,以“木材料之大漆”为主题,展开了新一阶段的探索与研究。 


Since 2018, as an expert in wood materials, Ugan concept has initiated the five-year "Wood Materials Research Project of Traditional Chinese Handicraft Materials", exclusively supporting Rong Design Library, and jointly exploring the use of traditional Chinese handicraft wood materials. Possibility in human life in the future. Following the first and second phases of research on "wood material cutting" and "wood material natural dyeing", in 2021, together with the design library and sense objects, a new stage will be launched with the theme of "wood material lacquer" exploration and research. 




In the pursuit of industrialization and high-efficiency laws, low-cost and easy-to-use chemical industrial paints are widely used in industries that pursue efficiency. Prior to this, the coating materials favored by the Orientals were natural lacquer. Compared with industrial paint, large paint is more natural, environmentally friendly and breathable. In the passage of time, the lacquer is different from the chemical lacquer, which is gradually dimming. Instead, it will become more shiny and moist as the utensils are used. 




Rong Design Library and the Ugan concept team have visited lacquer forest areas in central and western China many times. Observations and experiments were carried out from the collection and refining of the lacquer, the treatment of the carcass, the application of modification techniques, to the polishing of lacquerware. During the day and night with the lacquer, feel the unique charm of this oriental skin. 







After cutting, refining and making lacquer, the lacquer is shaped into new forms and functions. In the research of lacquer and wood, we started from the angle of "adhesion, coating, molding, filling" of lacquer, and conducted experiments and new collisions with wood and other extended materials, and produced a series of related lacquer thinking after combining with wood.




The opening site exhibited the materials for the lacquer research process of Rong Design Library, as well as the research maps of "Lacquer" and "Lacquer and Wood", which showed meticulously combing the different carcasses, techniques and processes of lacquer. The guests followed the guide of the Rong Design Library research team at the scene to get a closer look and feel the unique charm of the oriental natural handicraft material, Chinese lacquer.