Laying order of a piece of floor in parallel space | Ugan Concept Taizhou New Space

一块地板在平行空间中的铺设秩序 | 感物台州新空间



9 月 26 日,Ugan concept 感物形象店将正式落户台州,这也是感物形象店的空间设计进行升级后的首次亮相。


On September 26, Ugan concept image store will officially settle in Taizhou. This is also the first appearance of the upgraded space design of the image store.



感物 Ugan concept 台州形象店展厅空间由建筑师蔡俊林指导设计,感物品牌部设计团队深化,在延续原有的“四象六虚” 设计理念的基础上,将不同颜色、规格的地板进行铺设设计, 在同一平行面中,通过错落有序的铺设秩序演绎出空间的层次感,即“一块地板在平行空间中的铺设秩序”的设计理念。


The Ugan concept Taizhou image store exhibition space was designed under the guidance of architect Cai Junlin. The design team of the brand department deepened it. Based on the original "four images and six virtual" design concepts, floors of different colors and specifications were laid. In the design, in the same parallel plane, the layered sense of the space is deduced through the orderly laying order, that is, the design concept of "the laying order of a piece of floor in the parallel space".




展厅四方围合区、 三角洽谈区、 茶室分别采用 2200*220mm 灰色、3000*300mm 灰色、1900*60mm 白色三种不同尺寸、不同颜色的地板,铺设方向保持平行一致的同时,划分出不同功能空间。三角洽谈区另外增加了与地板相同的木地板铺设而成的“屏风”互相平行地垂直竖立于地面,与入口缝隙处一块竖立于地面的地板相呼应,形成立体形态的平行,同时起到空间分隔的作用, 表现地板在空间中的不同维度的“秩序”。


The four-sided enclosed area of the exhibition hall, the triangle negotiation area, and the tea room use three different sizes and colors of 2200*220mm gray, 3000*300mm gray, and 1900*60mm white. The laying directions are parallel and consistent, and different functional spaces are divided.  In the triangle negotiation area, a "screen" made of the same wooden floor as the floor is added to the floor, which is parallel to each other and vertically erected on the ground, echoing a floor erected on the ground at the entrance gap, forming a three-dimensional parallel, and at the same time serving as a space. The function of separation expresses the "order" of the different dimensions of the floor in the space.



感物希望通过触碰、行走、感知等等这些身体知觉,体会到秩序、肌理、 痕迹等环境中的尺度与人们之间的某种呼应。


Here, there is no "absolute" isolation space. Space and space are connected, connected, permeated, and echoed with each other. The floor jumps out of the plane, participates in every corner of the space, and extends infinitely in the three-dimensional space.
The sense object hopes to experience a certain response between the scales in the environment such as order, texture, and traces and people through physical perceptions such as touching, walking, and perceiving.




 A hollow water bar on the "six virtual" walls is opened, and the negotiation area and coffee making space interact and connect here.





The arc-shaped areas at the beginning and the end of the space are respectively used as "saddle chairs", natural stained floor display areas and tea spaces.



“鞍椅”是感物首个家具产品,由品物流形张雷及团队设计,将 42 块自然染色木块以中国传统拼布的方式缝制而成,实现了地板从平面到立体、从地板到家居的跨越。


"An Chair" is the first furniture product of the sense of things. It was designed by Zhang Lei and his team. 42 pieces of naturally stained wooden blocks were sewn in the traditional Chinese patchwork method. The leap from floor to home.





 The hanging mirror on the wall reflects the "An chair" and the theme visual poster on the side, forming a kind of flat to three-dimensional echo between the virtual and the real interaction. At the same time, the floor of the booth is also displayed on the natural stained floor, and its laying direction follows the parallel order of the entire space.





Correspondingly, a partition made of the floor is added to the inner space to display the "natural dyeing research results". This is also the research result of the five-year "Wood Materials Research Project of Traditional Chinese Handicraft Materials" initiated by Kanwu as an expert on wood materials and exclusively supported Rong Design Library in 2020.


感物台州形象店开幕的同时,『2021 中国传统手工艺材料之木材料——大漆研究成果分享会』也于 9 月 26 日晚在开幕现场同期举行,融设计图书馆&品物流形创始人张雷先生将亲临现场,与台州设计师分享中国设计传统的未来以及一年来与感物团队一起研究大漆的过程与成果。

At the same time as the opening of the image store in Taizhou, the "2021 Chinese Traditional Handicraft Material Wood Material-Da Lacquer Research Achievement Sharing Session" was also held on the evening of September 26 at the same time as the opening site, the founder of Rong Design Library & Product Logistics Mr. Zhang Lei will visit the site in person to share with Taizhou designers the future of Chinese design traditions and the process and results of researching Daqi with the sensory team over the past year.


△ 漆树


 Photo&Video By Vincent.Kuan