"Twenty-four solar terms on the floor" won the 2021 British D&AD Wooden Pencil Award


感物与Quinsay Design合作完成的『绕着光公转——地板上的二十四节气』海报作品获得2021年度英国D&AD Awards木铅笔奖。


Cooperation Ugan Concept and Quinsay Design's  'Revolution Around the light - The 24 Solar Terms on the Floor' poster design was awarded the Wood Pencil of D&AD Awards 2021.



从2019年谷雨开始,到2020年清明,太阳黄经从30°到15°,在2020年谷雨转完24等份。我们历时一年的时间,每隔十五天记录下不同节气中的物候变化,与Quinsay Design合作完成了『绕着光公转——地板上的二十四节气』海报作品。


From the beginning of Grain Rain in 2019 to Tomb-Sweeping Day in 2020, the sun's yellow longitude will change from 30° to 15°, and the Grain Rain will turn to 24 equal parts in 2020.We spent one year recording the phenological changes in different solar terms every 15 days, and collaborated with Quinsay Design to create "Revolution Around the light - The 24 Solar Terms on the Floor".




The theme of the work is "revolving around the light, illustrations on the floor". In order to sense objects to the traditional, the perception of the world are translated into exclusive in our design language, in the works of creation, the designer set the only source of light to the "sun" and vase and plant stands for "earth".




The black and white boundary formed by light and shadow corresponds to the solar longitude degree of the current solar term. The woody plants, frozen in the light and shadow, echo with the wood with cracks and camphor joints, and record the traces of life in the passage of time.





D&AD awards was founded in 1963, is held by the association of  London designer and art directors. Set awards from high to low is divided into black pencil award, yellow pencil award, graphite pencil award and wood pencil award, represent the highest honor, the gold award, silver award and bronze award.






Art Director   |   Tong Yi 童亦

Photographer   |   Li Xiaolong 李小龙

Designer   |   Tong Yi 童亦(Quinsay Design)

Special Thanks   |   物喜文化

Floor Brand   |   Ugan Concept 感物