Exhibition News | Ugan Concept's "An-Chair" Exhibited in China International Design Museum



After its debut in the Design Shanghai exhibition in November 2020, Ugan Concept's "An-Chair", this time, was exhibited in the China International Design Museum designed by the 1992 Pritzker Prize winner Alvaro Siza.



感物“鞍—椅”由42块地板组成,基于『中国传统手工艺材料之木材料自然染色』主题的研究,将古法传统染色工艺运用于木材上,同时取自拼布的结构思维,将平面“缝制”成立体,最终形成“鞍—椅”,使感物完成从平面(地板)到空间(家具)的跨越。 因设计思想和藏族马鞍的设计原理相似,都采用绳连接木块,达到动态的稳定,故名为“鞍”。

此外,感物“鞍-椅”获得2021德国红点设计大奖。此次,与众多世界经典大师级椅子一起亮相于The Fiber Code Exhibition 纤维密码展览,从视觉上给予观者真实的体验。


Ugan Concept's “An-chair” is composed of 42 floors. Based on the research on the theme of "natural dyeing of wood materials in traditional Chinese handicrafts", the ancient traditional dyeing process is applied to wood, and it is taken from the structural thinking of patchwork. The plane is "sewn" into a solid body, and finally a "An-chair" is formed, so that the sensation completes the span from the plane (floor) to the space (furniture). Because the design concept is similar to that of the Tibetan saddle, the wooden blocks are connected by ropes to achieve dynamic stability, so it is named "An".

In addition, the "An-chair" sensory object won the 2021 German Red Dot Design Award. This time, together with many classic master chairs from the world, they appeared in The Fiber Code Exhibition, giving the viewer a real experience visually.





In 2020, Ugan Concept's "An" series of furniture flooring will be launched at the Design Shanghai Exhibition, revealing the design concept behind the "An" series. Architect Cai Junlin used the "movement trend of a piece of floor" to construct the Kanwu 2020 design Shanghai exhibition space.







This exhibition is located in the China International Design Museum of China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. The China International Design Museum is based on the Bauhaus Research Institute and is newly built on the Xiangshan campus of the China Academy of Art. The 1992 Pritzker Prize winner, Mr. Alvaro Siza, served as the architect. It is the first Chinese International Design Museum in China with a collection of Western modern design systems. It is a museum with both design heritage and contemporary design display.



展览时间  |  2021年5月18日——2021年8月19日

Exhibition time | May 18, 2021-August 19, 2021


展览地点  |  中国国际设计博物馆(CDM)7、8、9号展厅,中国美术学院(象山校区),杭州

Exhibition location | China International Design Museum (CDM) Hall 7, 8 and 9, China Academy of Art (Xiangshan Campus), Hangzhou


展品支持  |  Ugan concept感物

Exhibit Support | Ugan concept感物