The opening of Ugan Concept Chengdu image store & The Conference Of Wood Materials Research Results Of Chinese Traditional Handicraft Materials Research


2019年7月31日晚,Ugan concept感物形象店正式落户成都,与到场的近四百位成都设计师、行业精英及媒体朋友一起,共同见证感物首家西南地区形象店的诞生。 


On the evening of July 31, 2019, Ugan concept was officially settled in Chengdu. Together with nearly 400 Chengdu designers, industry elites and media friends, witnessed the birth of the first southwestern image store.




The conference of ‘Wood Materials Research Results Of Chinese Traditional Handicraft Materials Research’ was also released at the same time at the opening ceremony, using the natural creation method to restart the wood "color gene", deducting a new material appearance.



自2018年起,Ugan concept感物以研究木材料专家的身份,发起了为期五年的『中国传统手工艺材料之木材料研究计划』,独家支持融设计图书馆,共同研究木材料在人类生活的未来发展,推动中国传统手工艺材料——木材料的应用,检测并创想木材料的多种可能性。


Since 2018, Ugan concept has launched a five-year ‘Chinese Traditional Handicraft Materials Research’ as an expert in the study of wood materials, and exclusively supports the Rong Design Library to jointly study wood materials in human life. The future development will promote the application of traditional Chinese handicraft materials - wood materials, and detect and create various possibilities of wood materials.





Following the first phase of research last year, this year we launched a series of explorations and research on the theme of “natural dyeing of wood materials”. Explore how contemporary design draws inspiration from traditional craftsmanship and artistic creation to make wood materials “renewed”. 






Different from the west, they label color with number, the traditional Chinese dyeing is more directly related to the material of nature. Plant staining, mineral dyeing, and biological staining are all extracted from natural materials. 




The kit book extracts five different color systems according to different dye combination tests. Each color system exhibits different gradient colors according to changes in immersion time, temperature and humidity. 




△Stained wood blocks & raw materia









Today's dyeing process can not only be applied to clothing fabrics, natural dyeing combined with natural wood, can also form a new "wood skin", thus excavating the "N+1 possibilities of wood materials" "Expanding the practicality and plasticity of wood materials in contemporary society."





On the evening of July 31, 2019. Zhang Lei, the founder of Rong Design Library also appeared at the opening ceremony of the Chengdu Image Store, bringing a  ‘Natural dyeing thematic sharing session’, meeting face-to-face with local guests in Chengdu, sharing how to deconstruct and regenerate traditional crafts, and discover new possibilities for wood materials in the contemporary era with fresh design concept.





The workshop also set up a workshop session. Guests can interact with Zhang Lei on the spot, get a close look at and experience the content of natural dyeing, and experience the connection between crafts and materials.





The design relies on the material, with the material as the origin, through different communication collisions, can inject a steady stream of fresh blood into the contemporary design. 




Through the wood material research project combining library and sensory, we also hope to collaborate with local designers in Chengdu, with a fusion of borders, regions, industries and forms, in traditional crafts and contemporary aesthetics, globally. Between the characteristics of the era and the unique characteristics of the East, find different possibilities.